Meet the ‘Tones

Wilson Brooks


 Music & Biochemistry Double Major Mathematics Minor


Semesters in group: 10
Voice Part: Bass
Other Activities: I work at the Technology Support Center, I am working doing research as an Undergraduate in a Biochemistry Laboratory.
Favorite Band: Mumford & Sons
Favorite Sub Sandwich: Slim 5
Favorite Milkshake: Vanilla or Caramel
When I grow up I want to… find Zen mastery.
In Retrospect…I have found great insight into myself and the Spartones as a living body made of talent
Other: Found out about Spartones and was told to audition by Katie Cox(Class of 2007)


Wesley Gwyne

Vice President

Music & Biology Major Chemistry Minor
Semesters in group: 3
Voice Part: Countertenor
Other Activities: Ultimate Frisbee, long walks on the beach, drawing Davis’s head shot in Paint
Favorite Band: Sinatra
Favorite Milkshake: Mint Chocolate Chip
When I grow up I want to… be the singing psychiatrist
In Retrospect… I wish I had practiced my audition song before trying out. Oops!
I love the tones and am eternally grateful for their support


Austin Jeffries

Musical Director

Music Education Major

Semesters in group: 7
Voice Part: Bass
Other Activities: Teaching Fellows, Phi Mu Alpha
Favorite Band: Maroon 5
Favorite Sub Sandwich: Chicken Terryaki
Favorite Milkshake: Chocolate Cherry
When I grow up I want to…Be Awesome. But Seriously I want to teach kids about music which I think sounds pretty awesome.
In Retrospect…Wait what? This our new album. I sing the low sounds you hear. In Retrospect is going to be awesome
Spartones is my favorite thing to do at UNCG.


Zach Smith
Assistant Music Director


Saxophone Performance BA / Business Marketing BS Spanish/German Double Minor
Semesters in group: 7
Voice Part: Bass, VP
Other UNCG Activities: Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity, Delta Sigma President
Favorite Band: Baauer, he’s so hot
Favorite Sub Sandwich: Turkey Club
Favorite Milkshake: Choc. Chip Cookie Dough
When I grow up I want to…Produce and record music (in addition to performing)
In Retrospect…Hakuna Makata, it’s a wonderful phrase. It means no worries for the rest of your days. It’s our problem-free philosophy. Hakuna Matata.


Joel Chanson

Tours and Gigs Manager
2nd Year Junior


Marketing Major, Accounting/Entrepreneurship Minor


Semesters in group: 4
Voice Part: Baritone and VP
Other Activities: I’m also a baritone/tenor/lead in the band “The Legacy,” and I do standup at the Idiot Box.
Favorite band: Steely Dan
Favorite Sandwich: strawberry jelly & american cheese on honey wheat bread
Favorite milkshake: Pumpkin Spice
When I grow up, I want to… see the world and continue learning… and play more video games
In retrospect… I’ve learned most when I wasn’t expecting to.
Other: “The truth knocks on the door and you say, ‘Go away, I’m looking for the truth,’ and so it goes away. Puzzling.” Robert M. Pirsig

Chris LaVignette


Instrumental Music Education MajorDSC_0185

Semesters in group: 6
Voice Part: Baritone
Other Activities: Internships, work within the school of music, secretary of NAfME-C, honors college, member of CEC, and a member of the leadership medallion program.
Favorite Sub Sandwich: The Traditional
When I grow up I want to… travel the world and build collaboration between people.
In Retrospect…it has been an extended and tumultuous trail, but I know my direction and I could not ask for better friends to give me direction.
Always remember that you impact others!


Davis Kelton


Music Education MajorDavis
Semesters in group: 4
Voice Part: Tenor
Favorite Sub Sandwich: Chicken Bacon Ranch
Favorite Milkshake: Reese’s
When I grow up I want to… Be an Astronaut!
In Retrospect…I am an easy-going, fun-loving guy.
Other: I need to schedule a head shot with Frances Logan photography!


Ben Constantinides

Music Education Major
IMG_3206 2

Semesters in group: 2
Voice Part: Countertenor
Other Activities: Principal trombone in Raleigh Symphony
Favorite Band: Relient K
Favorite Sub: Italian Night Club
When I grow up, I want to… teach at a university.
In Retrospect… I wish I had realized how important my friends were before they were gone.

Jordan Lee

Music Education Major
IMG_3248 2

Semesters in group: 2
Voice Part: Tenor
Other Activities: Volunteer helper at services for the blind, collect Apple products, and Twerk
Favorite Band: Lake Street Dive
Favorite Sub: Chicken Bacon Ranch with lettuce, two tomatoes, banana peppers, jalepeños, pickles, green peppers, salt and pepper, oil and vinegar, drown it in sweet onion sauce and a hint of ranch. Oh…Add extra meat. Now that’s a sub
Favorite Milkshake: Banana Pudding
When I grow up, I want to… Make sure I have a stable life and can provide for my family.
In retrospect… I am thankful for having people who always encouraged me to keep going and don’t let my past be anything but a lesson to learn from.
Other: “Sometimes the darkest times in life are only doorways to the best moments of your life, the ones you were meant to experience and live to see,” -Derek Schell

Matthew Tolodziecki

Music Vocal Major
IMG_3236 2

Semesters in group: 2
Voice Part: Tenor
Other Activities: Worship leading, Street Workout, Enjoying long walks on the beach
Favorite Band: Marianas Trench or For Today
Favorite Sub/Sandwich: BLT all the way baby.
Favorite Milkshake: Peach/Pineapple mixed from cookout
When I grow up, I want to… Frontman for a band
In retrospect… I’m glad I chose music over soccer.

Meet the New ‘Tones!

Deon’te Goodman
Vocal Performance MajorIMG_2302
Semesters in group: 3
Voice Part: Baritone
Other Activities: Musical Theatre Workshops and playing guitar around campus.
Favorite Band: The Script
Favorite Sub Sandwich: Sweet Onion Teriyaki chicken, add bacon, topped with spinach, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, mayo, and sweet onion sauce…mmmm.
Favorite Milkshake: Butterfinger!!
When I grow up I want to…Be a performer on Broadway, and a performer classically. I hope to one day venture into directing musicals.
In Retrospect…I never thought UNCG would mean so much to me….then I joined The Spartones.
Chinese food is WAY better than any sub!!!!


Jordan Rosser
Music Education Major


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